Former Take That star and pop sensation Robbie Williams has said that he’s a big fan of cosmetic surgery procedures like Botox and fillers, something that was sparked after he received a few negative comments from fans about him showing his age.

Speaking to, the 42-year-old singer explained that with the last few albums that he released, people were commenting on social media sites about how he’d aged, the Daily Mirror reports.

“I was tired, I had mental illness and stress, and whatever was going on up there was coming out in my face. The truth of my mind was written on my face,” he said, going on to add: “I’ve had Botox and some fillers, and something done to my chin. And I really like it.”

Looking at him now, it’s safe to say that the popstar has never looked better – and he’s a great advert for procedures like Botox as there’s hardly a wrinkle on him… and at 42, that can be quite hard to say.

Botox is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic procedures around the world, no doubt because the effects are long-lasting and the treatment is non-invasive, so recovery time is a lot quicker than other processes.

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