One of the biggest concerns for people going for cosmetic surgery procedures like Botox for the first time is whether or not the treatments will be successful. There are often stories in the press about botched Botox jobs, which can be quite offputting for people who’ve never had this kind of procedure before.

What those on Botox and dermal filler courses should always advise their patients and others expressing an interest in this kind of treatment is to research their clinic or doctor well. Read reviews online, speak to people who’ve already been for Botox, phone the clinic and have a chat. Don’t simply go with the first one that pops up, or you could end up regretting your decisions.

It’s important to remember that since Botox is now such a common procedure, it’s on offer in a wide variety of different places and sadly all too often practitioners lack the necessary skills and experience to get the job done correctly… which can have a lasting impact on people’s confidence and self-esteem – quite the opposite desired effect from having Botox in the first place.

It takes skill and artistry to administer Botox correctly and so that patients look natural after the treatment has been carried out. If clinicians are not skilled or experienced, patients can end up with bruising and more, so having the appropriate training is clearly of the utmost importance.

Here at the Derma Institute, our courses and training materials are only delivered by expert cosmetic surgeons and doctors at a state-of-the-art training facility, so you know your education is in the safest of hands.