If you suffer from migraines you might be interested in the best Botox courses available, after doctors say it could help people with the condition. Doctors from the Neuroscience Centre in Germany believe the use of botox for migraine sufferers could be a temporary fix for the condition.

Neurologist Dr Manio Maravic said that many people are in need of the treatment but are not aware that it is an option for them them, according to The National: “Many are assuming that Botox is used only for cosmetic treatments. It is particularly useful for pain management in patients with advanced migraines,” she said.

This is great news for people who have exhausted all their current medications used to help the condition and Botox has also been recommended for use to combat other kinds of joint and muscle pain.

Another great advantage of using Botox to control the pain is that unlike standard medications which can give a patient all kinds of side affects you wouldn’t get that with Botox. One patient who had suffered with from persistent headaches due to chronic neck spasms used Botox as a potential solution and it worked. The patient is now pain free since receiving the injections and has top up Botox every 3 months.

However, the cost involved with Botox treatments makes it an expensive option for the relief of muscle pain, which makes it only a possibility for those who can finance it themselves at present.

Despite this, we think that as Botox becomes more and more useful in other medical treatments as well as cosmetics, people will be happier to reach for it as an anti-ageing treatment too.