Social media may be influencing millennial women and men to have cosmetic work like Botox, it has been claimed.

Dermatologists have suggested that the influence of social media is such that millennials – who are super-connected to their social networks – are increasingly influenced by what they see via their social networks.

US dermatologist Dr Earl Minuk told CBS Miami that millennials are “social media environmentals”, influenced by what they see in the media.

Earlier this year, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) revealed that the impact of social media is a top driver of cosmetic procedures – almost half the surgeons taking part in the AAFPRS’s annual survey said that social media played a part in patients’ decisions to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Of the surgeons surveyed, 42 per cent said their patients sought out cosmetic work to look better in selfies and via social channels like Instagram and Snapchat.

The survey highlighted that Botox and other fillers remained the most popular minimally invasive procedure for women and men during 2016.

Rhinoplasty was the most popular surgical trend reported, while eyelid procedures were a rising trend, reported by 62 per cent of surgeons.

President of the academy Fred Fedok said last month that people see pictures of themselves on Facebook routinely, adding that “constantly seeing yourself from unflattering angles can take its toll on your self-esteem”.

Meanwhile, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently revealed that more than 17 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the USA last year. Botox injections accounted for seven million procedures, marking a rise of four per cent on the figures from 2015.

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