When people hear the word Botox they immediately think of wrinkles and crow’s feet, but we often write about the other applications of the injections from a medical viewpoint here at the Derma Institute.

We’ve just heard that a new clinic is opening in Galway in Ireland, developed by Enable Ireland, that is intended to administer these injections to children who suffer from spasticity, a symptom of cerebral palsy where muscles find themselves continuously contracted. This can interfere with movement, gait and speech, and can be distressing and painful for the child.

“There are often the very sick children who wouldn’t be well enough to go who suffer a lot of pain from spasticity and the fact that that hasn’t been assessable to them and to their families to bring comfort to those children is a huge thing and we’re doing that locally to these families and we’re going to make a huge difference to the quality of life of both the family and the child,” director of the service at Enable Ireland Claire LInehan was quoted by the Galway Independent as saying.

According to UK charity Scope, Botox injections can be both safe and effective at relieving various conditions when used in small and controlled doses. In fact, the toxin has been used successfully to treat muscular conditions in both adults and children alike for more than 20 years.

Injections have been found to improve walking, sitting and leg-straightening abilities, while also proving effective on the adductor muscles in the hip and groin area, which is often problematic for children with spastic cerebral palsy.

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