Getting ready for a wedding can take weeks and even months of preparation when it comes to your looks. People devote an awful lot of time to trying out different hairstyles, getting down to their ideal weight, working out different makeup looks, having their nails done, getting waxed… the list goes on and on.

And now it seems as though you can add Botox to the list of what needs to be done in preparation for the big day, at least for grooms so it would seem. According to, men are increasingly heading to the beauty salon to have certain treatments carried out in order to look their best when they’re stood at the altar.

Speaking to the news source, plastic surgeon Dr Sanjay Grover – who’s based in Beverly Hills – said: “There are a number of men who come in for aesthetic treatments due to the encouragement of their significant other, girlfriend, fiancé or spouse. However, we do see many men coming in on their own as they are paying more attention to their appearances and want to compete on the dating scene or in the workplace or the big day.”

And it’s not just Botox that appears to be of interest to this demographic. Apparently, fillers, light laser procedures and neurotoxins are also growing in popularity for men eager to get ready for their weddings at the moment. This may well be down to the fact that people are choosing to get married later in life these days, so perhaps feel as though they need a bit of help to look their best at a time when lots of cameras are sure to be popping off throughout the day.

Brotox – as this kind of male grooming has come to be known – has been increasing in popularity over the last three years or so. Back in 2013, Dr Yannis Alexandrides – who runs a clinic in Harley Street in London – said he had seen visits from male patients rise by 25 per cent during that year, with peaks being seen in bookings at Christmas as people try to look calm and not stressed out.

And in 2015, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that more than 400,000 men had Botox in 2014, a 337 per cent hike in treatments since 2000. What’s more, over 90,000 had fillers, a rise of 86 per cent.

Speaking to, plastic surgeon Dr Timothy Neavin said: “In the last few years, there has been a surge of men seeking minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. More than ever, men are seeking beauty maintenance in the form of fillers and Botox because when they are properly administered, they work so well to create natural looking results with zero evidence or downtime.”

Those of you taking Botox advanced courses at the moment would perhaps be wise to see how you can market your goods and services to a male audience given the rise in interest in such treatments from this particular demographic.