Those of you on derma filler training courses are sure to keep your ears to the ground when it comes to the latest trends for health and beauty… but have you come across anti-ageing stickers as yet?

According to the Daily Mail, these come complete with active skincare ingredients to make sure that all sorts of wonderful minerals and vitamins are absorbed into your skin.

There are several different options depending on which part of your face you want to treat. So you could invest in a lip gel patch like the one from Etude House, which has cherry extract, liquorice and witch hazel in it and is supposed to hydrate your lips and remove dead skin.

Or you could try the frown line patches from Realine, which you stick on your forehead while holding the skin taut around the frown line area. Of course, as the writer notes, these stickers will not stop frown lines from appearing permanently – so if your client does mention them, make sure you stress this point!

The Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gel for Smile Lines curried favour in particular with the author of the article, who noted that after ten minutes of wearing the sticker the lines around her mouth did seem plumped up and almost gone in fact.

However, for those seeking to really turn back the clock there really is no substitute for dermal fillers, Botox and the like – so make sure that you advise your customers about their best options and what would work best for them in the future.