Changes associated with ageing inevitably occur in the human face over time. The movement of underlying muscles produces lines that are eventually present even when the face is at rest. In addition, degeneration of fatty tissue and degradation of hyaluronic acid (HA) results in skin sagging and losing its lustre.

Good sun protection is very important for keeping a youthful appearance and moisturisers can soothe dry skin and temporarily make wrinkles less noticeable. However, dermal fillers can improve the appearance of deep wrinkles and confer a fresh and supple appearance on skin that goes beyond anything that the best skincare routine can provide.

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to fill out wrinkles or depressions. Many modern dermal fillers are made from HA, a polysaccharide that occurs naturally in the body. HA is a major component of skin and plays an important role in tissue repair. As a result, HA fillers are extremely good at absorbing and retaining water and they rarely cause allergic reactions.

Dermal fillers can smooth out the deep nasolabial folds that run between the nose and mouth, volumise thin lips and add definition; they can also fill out furrows between the brows or vertical lines around the edges of the lips, augment hollows in the cheeks or under the eyes, and even out indented acne or chicken pox scars.

Although HA fillers make an immediate difference their effects are temporary, lasting from between three and eighteen months. At least one follow-up injection will usually be required within a year. A little swelling or bruising is not uncommon after treatment, but more serious side effects, such as the formation of lumps under the skin or the migration of filler, are rare. Nonetheless, the skill with which fillers are applied is extremely important and to ensure the best results patients should find an experienced practitioner with accredited dermal filler training.

Esthetique Academy hold dermal filler training courses for doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists in London, Nottingham and Liverpool. These courses are led by expert cosmetic surgeons and doctors and hosted in a friendly environment with state of the art facilities. Each course includes 1:1 hands on teaching with live models and has a strong emphasis on patient safety. There is also free ongoing support, via email and phone, from the expert trainers in the months following training.

When correctly administered, dermal fillers have an immediate and clear impact on the appearance of facial wrinkles. Indeed, it is most likely that dermal fillers are the explanation why you last marvelled at that forty-something celebrity or model with the remarkably smooth, youthful-looking skin. Skincare products can be valuable and potentially very effective, but they are simply unable to match this level of performance no matter how long you use them for.

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