Getting older certainly isn’t a picnic for a lot of us, with wrinkles, crow’s feet, laughter lines and forehead creases putting in appearances daily once we reach a certain age. But your daily makeup routine might actually be making you look a lot older than you are – so here some tips to help you retain your youthful good looks for as long as you can.

Avoid bright or shimmery eyeshadow

You might have noticed when you put your eyeshadow on that it falls into the creases in your crow’s feet. Bright colours and shimmery powders are more likely to do this and are more likely to make your fine lines more apparent. Instead, use matte products as an alternative.

Don’t overkill the concealer

It’s tempting to use your concealer to hide your fine lines and wrinkles but you run the risk of actually making these worse by not allowing your skin to breathe if you cover them up densely.

Avoid toners with alcohol content

You want to keep as much moisture in your skin as you can as you get older and any products with alcohol in them will only dry you out and get rid of any natural oils you have left. Serums and facial oils are a better option these days.

Don’t powder all over your face

To avoid looking oily, just powder around your eyes and in the middle of your forehead. This will stop your makeup from creasing in certain areas.

Avoid dull shades of blush

Go for something bright for your blush and apply it softly so it looks natural. Duller shades will simply wash you out.

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