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Product Description

Dermal fillers are used to treat lines, lips and folds on the face with hyaluronic acid  injections. Derma Institute have designed an excellent interactive, relaxed and friendly dermal filler foundation course. All our courses provide pre-course reading material and 1:1 live patient hands on training.

Our foundation course you will teach you how to confidently inject dermal fillers for the following indications:

• Nasolabial Folds
• Lip Augmentation And Definition
• Peri-Oral Lines
• Oral Commissures
• Scar Revisions
• Fine Lines

Our intensive training will take place over a full day and we ask you to provide a model on the day. If you struggle to find a model we can help to source one for you from our database. Full course material will be provided prior to your selected date and a mentoring program will be set up for you once the course is completed. We aim to continually support you in the days and months following your training.




  • Basics of the ageing face and the treatments which can be offered to reverse or delay the aging process
  • The consultation process
  • Basics of botox use for cosmetic indications
  • How to avoid side-effects of botox treatment and how to manage these.
  • Different botulinum toxins on the market
  • Latest botox treatment protocols
  • Basic facial anatomy
  • Treatment of the upper face region- crow’s feet/laughter lines (peri-orbital region), frown lines (glabellar region) and forehead lines (frontallis muscle)
  • Management of side effects and complications
  • The aesthetic botox consultation
  • Pre/post-treatment procedure -consent forms-treatment aftercare advice
  • Business advice and set-up options
  • Clinic marketing for botox
  • How to avoid and handle patient complaints


  • Practical demonstration with a trainer on real patients
  • How to prepare the clinical environment
  • Choosing the correct dermal filler
  • Supervised 1:1 consultation, consent and treatment on your very own model


We can only train doctors, dentists and nurses for this course. You will be asked to bring your own model for 1:1 practice.