The nude look is becoming popular when it comes to makeup, with the Telegraph recently highlighting the proliferation of nude lipstick shades on the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards.

Analysing the trend, the newspaper commented that many of the world’s most glamorous actresses have moved away from iconic red lipstick in favour of a look that’s easier to maintain throughout the evening.

For any of us who want to look our best throughout the day, the nude makeup trend is definitely a blessing. Being able to wear lipstick without worrying if it’s been smeared, or you’ve accidentally got a stripe of red across your teeth, is certainly a relief.

Makeup artist Fiona Stiles told the newspaper that there are other reasons why opting for nude shades of lipstick is a good idea.

“You can really play up the eyes with a more neutral lip,” she explained. But what if you’re concerned about going light on your makeup and showing off a more natural side?

There are a host of beauty treatments out there to ensure your skin looks fresh and wrinkle-free, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Thread lifts, dermal fillers and Botox have all grown in popularity in recent years as we fight the ageing process.

In fact, we recently highlighted some of the makeup mistakes you could be making that will make you look older, rather than younger. Our top tips include avoiding shimmery eyeshadow, and not powdering your whole face.

Of course, you still want to feel confident, so making sure you’re happy with your appearance when you’re wearing just a little, or no, makeup is all part of the process.

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