Living in a big city can have its own unique stresses and strains. One of the big health issues identified is that of pollution. While we know it can have a significant impact on your health, it is also bad for your skin.

So, does your skincare regime help protect you from the pollution you face every day as you make your way to and from the office? Vogue has picked out some of the top products that can help protect against things like free radicals and that can liven up your complexion after being exposed to all the dirt in city air.

A daily moisturiser with SPF in it is essential for city dwellers, the magazine notes, pointing out that harmful UVA and UVB rays can still do damage on cloudy days. Skin Laundry Advanced Protection Daily Moisturiser is the highlighted product, but any SPF moisturiser will help protect your skin.

If you want to repair some of the damage done after a day on the city’s streets, Caudalie’s VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil is essential. Vogue explains that it’s been developed specially for people who are exposed to pollution, UV rays and free radicals every day. Massage it onto your face before you go to bed and it will soothe and rejuvenate your skin overnight.

Taking good care of your skin could be all the more important if you want to embrace the nude look trend in makeup. A number of celebrities have taken this approach in recent months, opting for a look that’s easier to maintain throughout an evening.

Of course we all need a bit of help sometimes. So if you’d like to help people rejuvenate their skin for a fresh look, consider thread lift training.