Facial fitness – toning up the little muscles in your face to smooth out wrinkles and make you look younger – is going to be a big trend this year… and the best news is that it doesn’t involve going to the gym at all and you’ll feel very pampered and well looked after if you make facial fitness your goal this year.

One of the best ways to get started is by booking yourself a facial massage. You can easily do this yourself by building it into your daily skincare routine, but if you want to really treat yourself and pick up a few tips and techniques, book yourself an appointment at your local beauty salon and see how the experts get it done.

When the muscles in your face tense, they’re more likely to result in wrinkles, so massaging them out on a regular basis is definitely a good idea. It can really help to relieve tension in your face, which will then spread out around your body and in just a few short minutes you could really feel yourself start to relax. Think about the type of skin you have though – if you’re more oily, then keep your massage session to less than ten minutes, while dryer skin can benefit from a 20-minute session at most.

In terms of techniques, try and keep it a bit varied with soft little pinches and tapping, but make sure you don’t stretch your skin or pull at it. Work from the inside of your face to the outer edges, massaging with upward circular motions.

Another key benefit of facial massages is that you can increase the circulation going to your face, which will help to plump the skin out and make it look softer and younger. You’re helping to drive oxygen to this part of your body by massaging, which can really help to make your skin look younger since it drives collagen production and will result in a natural and healthy glow.

Why don’t you try this out and see if you can notice any results? You only need to do it once a month or every two weeks if you’re prone to acne and spots, and you should start to see a change in the appearance of your skin very soon.

One of the best reasons for giving yourself a facial massage on a regular basis is that by doing so, you can allow your skin to absorb your skincare products more effectively, so you can benefit from all the goodies in your products much better. Just take a few extra minutes every other week or so to apply your serums, oils or moisturisers using a tapping or gentle patting motion and you should start to see results quite quickly.

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