There are many reasons that people decide to go for Botox, the main one naturally being to try and turn back the clock a bit. But you might be surprised at the other reasons people decide to have certain procedures done.

We recently blogged about the different medical uses for Botox (ranging from migraines and incontinence control to pain in the knee joints), which many people are now learning more about. But it’s possible that your patients are yet to hear about scalp Botox and how it could help them.

An increasing number of people are choosing to have these injections in their scalps to help block the sweat that appears along the hairline. This could be particularly useful for athletes who are looking for a way to minimise their sweating, or for people who sweat excessively and find it’s affecting their quality of life.

Botox has long been used to help block the pathway between neurons and sweat glands so that sweating is prevented in the feet, hands and underarms, but scalp injections are a relatively new request from patients.

Interestingly, one key benefit of scalp Botox could be improving the quality of your actual hair, as well as preventing sweat along your hairline. A few years ago, dermatologist Dr Patricia Wexler told the Daily Mail that Botox should be placed along the front area and the hairline where frizz can be seen the most, although she wouldn’t advise the use of it on the entire head.

Apparently, another benefit of having this kind of procedure is that your blowdry will also last longer!

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