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As a healthcare professional, our aesthetic courses will teach you how to deliver the latest in cosmetic medical procedures as a certified aesthetic practitioner. Under our expert assured guidance, you’ll learn how to perform Injectables to a professional standard, opening up new career pathways and helping you to develop an exciting career in aesthetics or start your own business.

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We are so excited to inform you that our students are part of a wide range of categories in the medical field. Thus, our aesthetic beginner and advanced courses delivered at the highest standards are specially tailored for Doctors, Dentists and Midwives, Paramedics and Pharmacists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists, and also Nurses.

We understand that you may have further questions or that you want to know more details about the courses that we are already happy to organize on 4 continents. That’s why we’re here to answer you and give you all the information you need to decide which course suits you best. In this regard, we are waiting for your questions by email at info@dermainstitute.co.uk or directly by phone at 0207 183 3681. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter or read our blog posts for latest news in aesthetics medicine.

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    Courses reviews from our students

    What students say about our courses

    5 star review

    I was very pleased to find Derma Institute. The course I attended “Combined  Foundation and Advance Training” was just what I needed to get started. The documentation and presentation and the doctors/trainers were all excellent, supportive and helpful. I would strongly recommend this Derma Institute course to anyone like me planning a career in Medical Aesthetics.

    Emma McHale

    5 star review

    Having done my research previously, I felt Derma Institute was the best aesthetic training company suited to help develop my skills as an Aesthetic Doctor. The level of expertise and professionalism I experienced exceeded my expectations. There was lots of hands-on experience, I will be returning for the advanced sessions soon! – thank you Derma Institute team.

    Dom Mullins

    5 star review

    I attended the combined training over 2 days with Derma Institute which I found to be very productive with plenty of hands-on training on models. I have trained with another provider previously which I found was poor hence the need for another course. This course led by a team of doctors exceeded my expectations. I now feel confident to start my own practice. There was also a very useful business start-up advice module covered in this training

    Ahmed Salim

    5 star review

    A team of real professionals, who beside their skills of injecting and treating patients, they have great teaching and explaining techniques & manuals. Really received more than i expected from the combined course i’ve had here, doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or already practiced, you really could gain a lot of improvements out here!

    Jamal Nasser

    Frequently Asked Questions about Aesthetic Training Courses

    Who can attend Derma Institute Aesthetic Courses?

    Our high standard courses in aesthetic medicine are designed and structured to be attended by medical practitioners, and professionals that work in the medical field such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, midwives, and paramedics. Thus, if you would like to add several skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures to your offering, we can help you.

    Where will the training courses take place?

    Currently, our teaching and practical training centers are located on 4 continents and we continue to expand, as the demand for courses in aesthetic medicine increases. We have training centers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Dubai. For the exact addresses of the locations, access our contact page.

    Does Derma Institute train international delegates?

    Yes. We do train international delegates quite frequently, and if you are in this situation, we can tell you from experience that it is important to check the legislation regarding the medical practice of injectables in your country, before booking an advanced course or standard course from our portfolio.

    This is because every country in the world has its regulations regarding the practice of aesthetic medicine.

    We are happy to receive students from all over the world for our botox and dermal fillers aesthetic courses. Those who contact us to book an aesthetic course are usually doctors and dentists, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, dental therapists, or dental hygienists. Our trainers will make the training uplifting, valuable, and engaging.

    Can a non-prescriber attend the courses?

    If he is a registered medical practitioner (Doctor, Dentist, Midwife, Paramedic, Pharmacist, Dental Hygienist, Dental Therapist, Nurse), yes he can complete our training course.

    For the practical part of the course, you will receive everything you need from us, but after the course, you will most likely need to contact a doctor or use a prescription service to order botulinum toxin for administration.

    There is no need for a prescription for dermal fillers. According to GMC rules, doctors who prescribe botulinum toxin must consult patients in the office.

    Will you provide cosmetic models for the course I will attend?

    Yes, we will arrange everything necessary so that you can practice on a live cosmetic model during our training courses.

    At every course we organize, we have dozens of live models because we want you to apply the procedures learned on real-life patients and not on non-human mannequins.

    We even have a special section on the website dedicated to recruiting models. If you have relatives or friends who would like to become cosmetic models in our courses, please access this page.

    We know how important is for each student to leave the course with a complete know-how package and with new skills to immediately introduce this new service into his portfolio, for his customers. That's why we pay extra attention to the cosmetic models we work with. So each student will have the chance to practice on a cosmetic model, assisted by our teaching experts in botox and dermal filler treatment, to completely master the working procedures.

    How can I attend the training course?

    Please choose your course on this page so you can read further information about it (including benefits, duration, skill level, course fee, CPD points, and structure), order it online, and book your favorite training days, date, and location. You can also request a call back if you need any other details.

    Why choose Derma Institute for an aesthetic course?

    All our courses are designed and structured to offer you a maximum of benefits. Our trainers have over 30 years of experience in the industry, so you will have the opportunity to learn from the best experts in aesthetic medicine. Also, we work with small groups (maximum 2 - 4 delegates per trainer), we offer CPC accreditation and we always provide live patient focus through live cosmetic models.

    What are the top benefits of these courses for your career?

    Feeling confident in your aesthetics skills will be the most precious asset. There is no need to say that there has been a huge growth in the aesthetic field in the last years and the trend is here to stay.

    Besides this, the diploma you will receive after this course will widely open your career path in aesthetics medicine. You can open your clinic or you can grow your business in aesthetic medicine, including new services in your offer.

    Having a diploma from Derma Institute as a leading training provider in aesthetics, a CPD Accreditation, and the know-how and skills to perform botox and dermal fillers injections, it will be easier for you to attract your customers, increase your income and grow your reputation in the industry.

    How do I become an aesthetic practitioner in UK?

    Aesthetic practitioners in the UK need to attend and complete a Combined Foundation Course in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers at Derma Institute. We offer the perfect course that covers the upper face Botulinum Toxin and lower face dermal filler procedures. This foundation training is structured in two important parts, skills and knowledge:

    1. the theory - focusing on facial anatomy, the principles of treatments, and product pharmacology
    2. practical experience for aesthetic injectables and gaining new skills in aesthetics - that helps you gain experience and discover the advanced techniques by injecting botulinum toxin to live cosmetic model patients, while you will be guided and supervised by our expert trainers (so you will feel safe to perform injections).

    Our courses include anti wrinkle injections with botox dermal fillers on live models, at an advanced level.

    At the end of these special cosmetic courses, you will receive a recognized diploma and CPD Accreditation so you will be able to start to boost your career as an aesthetic practitioner in the UK.

    What qualifications do you need to study aesthetics?

    To attend the aesthetics courses you need to have a medical background, that is to be a paramedic, a registered nurse, a doctor, a dentist, a pharmacist, a dental hygienist or therapist, or even a midwife.

    Further, you can book one of our courses at Derma Institute to take your Diploma and CPD Accreditation in aesthetic medicine. Our courses are open to medical professionals and healthcare professionals.

    How can I start a career in aesthetics?

    Do you want to master aesthetic medicine? Then follow this recipe:

    - if you don't have a medical background, then you should obtain the necessary degree.

    - if you do have a medical degree or if you work in the medical field, you are already free to book one of our courses in aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation.

    Next, you will have your diploma in aesthetics and you can go on and practice what you will learned and practice during the aesthetics training.

    Can non medics train in aesthetics?

    No, and this is due mainly to ethical reasons. Besides, most clinics wouldn't work with practitioners that don't have the basics of medical qualifications. So, a medical background is a must if you want to develop your aesthetics career.

    What are the most popular aesthetic training courses at Derma Institute?

    Our most popular courses are the 2-day Combined Foundation & Advanced Training, Lever 7 Diploma, and Expert Lip Filler Courses Masterclass Advanced. We recommend our other courses too for a full skill set in aesthetics.