Tear Trough and Cheek Masterclass (1 DAY)

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As the increasing focus is placed on the face thanks to selfies, people now notice more and more things about their faces they would like to change, especially the facial areas which show early signs of ageing as the cheeks and tear troughs. Derma Institute has strategically designed this course for those who are seeking to advance their skills to carry out cheek fillers and tear trough corrections confidently after having completed the foundation and advanced courses.

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The Expert Tear Trough and Cheek Training Masterclass covers both the theoretical and practical sides of cheek and tear trough treatment. During the theoretical component, you will learn peri-orbital and cheek area anatomy, assessment process, techniques and managing complications. The Masterclass includes 60% practical work on live models with 1:1 live patient in small groups, this will allow you to be more confidently and master the cheek fillers and tear trough correction techniques.

Lead by expert Doctors in the industry, each has more than 10 years of experience and run successful clinics themselves. They will be sharing this wealth of expertise and knowledge so that you will be confident enough to inject safely and effectively. Derma Institute’s Expert Tear Trough and Cheek Training Masterclass will provide you with expert training in every aspect of this procedure which would ensure you are fully qualified and ready to offer the treatment.

Skill Level



1 Day (8 Hours)

Course Fee

£999 + VAT


CPD Points

CPD certificate with 8 hours credit

1 Day Expert Tear Trough and Cheekfillers Training Masterclass – Course Description 

This Expert Tear Trough and Cheek Fillers Training Masterclass course is structured to offer you the following benefits:


Expert Trainers

Over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, so you will be learning with the best


Small Group Learning

Only 2 to 4 delegates per trainer


Live Patient Focus

We will provide models for our delegates to train on


CPD Accreditation

At the end of your masterclass with Derma Institute, you will be awarded 8 CPD points


Greater Employment Opportunities

Whether you start your own clinic or work for one, learning this wider range of treatments will put you in a much stronger position when starting a career in Aesthetics

What You Learn

Who We Train 

Our Instructors



1. Anatomy
  • The anatomy of the peri-orbital region including the neurovascular framework.
  • The anatomy of the cheek area, mid, and overall face.
2. Pre-Treatment
  • Pre-treatment client evaluation regarding the quality of the skin, its colour, hollowness of the orbit, or amount of orbital fat.
  • Pre-treatment client evaluation ensures the provision of a crucial balance of facial aesthetics while improving the natural shape and contours of the midface
3. Cheek filler
  • Indications for cheek augmentation such as sagging cheeks, low or imperceptible cheekbones, weakened facial muscles, etc.
  • Contraindications to non-surgical Cheek augmentation;
4. Tear Trough filler
  • Learning to differentiate tear troughs from pseudo tear troughs and how to approach treatment for each.
  • Needle vs cannula technique selection for tear trough markers.
  • Facial ageing especially around the peri-orbital region.
5. Assessment Process
  • Facial mapping and ratios.
  • Selection of candidates for treatment, management of patient expectations, anaesthesia use, as well as patient after-care.
6. Injection techniques, instruments &brands
  • Requisite knowledge of product selection through learning the different brands of suitable dermal fillers available on the market.
  • Avoiding complications through safer injection techniques that consider angle and depth of injections.
7. Complications
  • Knowledge and understanding of possible complications or adverse effects and their management, including the use of hyaluronidase enzyme to dissolve fillers should the need arise.
8. Live Model
  • Carry out at least one tear trough or cheek correction procedure on a live model patient provided by Derma Institute.

Advice for Non-Prescribers

If you are a non-prescriber, you’ll need to work with a prescribing partner to obtain clinical oversight, as the Botulinum toxins necessary for BOTOX® treatments are available by prescription only. A prescribing partner will also offer additional peace of mind and support when using prescription only agents to deal with any complications. We’re happy to advise you further on this – just contact us to find out more.

International Students

We frequently train international students from the various professions above. International students may be accepted if an equivalent level of education can be demonstrated, and you are professionally registered.

You are also required to have a valid professional registration number with an active license

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    Institute Trainers

    Over 30 years of combined experience in the medical field

    Dr Firhaas Tukmachi

    Dr Firhaas Tukmachi

    Aesthetic Doctor & Trainer


    Dr Asher Siddiqi

    Dr Asher Siddiqi

    Aesthetic Doctor &Trainer 

    Dr Ebitihal Ali

    Dr Ebitihal Ali

    Aesthetic Doctor & Trainer


    dr Ziad Tukmachi

    Dr Ziad Tukmachi

    Aesthetic Doctor & Trainer


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