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Aesthetic procedure training for dental therapists

Having undertaken extensive training in the health of the head, face, and neck areas, we believe that dental therapists and dental hygienists already have excellent foundation skills in aesthetic medicine. Through the provision of expert-lead training courses, our aim here at Derma Institute is to encourage these talented and highly motivated dental professionals to build upon these skills to enhance their career prospects with the addition of botox and cosmetic injectables to the existing knowledge base and skill set.

We offer aesthetic medicine postgraduate training for dental therapists around the UK at a range of convenient locations to fit around your career and patient schedule. Our professional aesthetics training for dental therapists is delivered by an experienced team, dedicated to helping you build your career and offer a high standard of aesthetic treatments such as Botox and cosmetic injections to your clients.

Our Courses

Derma Institute offers a selection of courses focusing on facial aesthetic injectable treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers, which we believe to be the most beneficial procedures for dental therapists and hygienists to study. All courses are overseen by leading experts, hand-selected by Derma Institute’s top team of aesthetic doctors and trainers.

All of our doctor-led botox training courses are designed to provide dental therapists and hygienists with the qualifications they need to take their own desired pathway to career progression. Whether you’re looking for full time or part time working opportunities, wish to complement your existing work by offering a greater variety of treatments, apply for a promotion within the dental environment, or transfer your existing skills entirely to a cosmetic clinic or spa setting, we aim to put you in control of your professional future.

Benefits of Aesthetic Medicine Training for Dental Therapists

At Derma Institute, we understand that many dental therapists and dental hygienists have a strong passion for the industry and are highly satisfied at the workplace. However, we also understand that the concept of ‘future proofing’ careers is becoming increasingly important. At a time when aesthetic medicine looks to be one of the most promising emerging industries, we believe that a training course in injectables is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways for dental therapists to future proof their careers and ensure ongoing, continued stability through diversification of knowledge and skill.

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