LIP FILLER COURSE by Derma Institute

The cosmetic industry has recorded a consistent rise in the demand for lip augmentation procedures as recent research indicates, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

In the UK for example, there has been an exponential increase in lip filler treatments. This may be in many ways, thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner who following her confession about the use of dermal lip fillers, the beauty industry saw a boom in the demand for the same.

As an aesthetic professional, the ability to perfectly carry out this very popular treatment comes with a wide range of benefits.

Successful administration of lip augmentation is a science as well as an art, and requires a certain degree of expertise.

Derma Institute’s lip filler expert training course is designed to build on your already existing foundation knowledge and experience of dermal filler treatments.

Upon completion of this course, you’d have acquired the necessary skills and confidence that are crucial to expertly offer dermal lip filler injections to suit your clients’ varying demands.


Derma Institute’s lip filler course, you will be taught on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of lip filler treatments which include:

  • Anatomy of the lips; with emphasis on the facial nerves, the muscles of the perioral area and blood supply.
  • Patient consultation and pre-treatment assessment protocols with emphasis on the following:
  • Patient examination and selection
  • Facial assessment 
  • Goals of therapy 
  • Amount of lip filler needed
  • Contraindications to therapy 
  • Possible side effects, complications, and their management
  • The various types of dermal fillers recommended for lip enhancement
  • Pain management 
      • Techniques of injection placements and areas of treatment which include:
      • Definition of the lip vermilion border.
      • Volumization of the lip body.
      • Lip lifting (Cupid’s bow technique).
      • Enhancement of the philtrum.
      • Increasing the volume of the lip pout.
      • Lip vectoring and tenting.
      • Lifting of the lip corners.
      • PHI ratios, etc.
      • How to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes with combination treatments of dermal fillers and botox injections. 
      • The use of hyaluronidase enzyme in the management of possible complications of hyaluronic acid filler treatments. 
      • Patient after-treatment follow up
      Lip filler course by Derma institute

      Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics


      Become an exert lip filler injector

      You will be taught on the several advanced techniques of lip filler injections, to allow you give your clients custom-tailored results. 

      Our lip filler course is delivered by industry experts with very wide experience and expertise in the field. 

      Also, our small training groups ensure that you receive individualised training from them. 

      Broaden your services menu

      In addition to the basic aesthetic procedures which are more readily offered by most aesthetic practitioners, you can now add these advanced lip filler treatments which are now very popular. 

      Increase your market value and employability by top aesthetics clinics

      As someone equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and skills of current non-surgical aesthetic procedures, you will be sought after by high-end clinics. 

      A lot of practical hands-on experience gained from working on live models

      To make sure that you are set to confidently and safely start practicing, Derma Institute’s lip filler expert training course comprises intensive practical hands on training sessions on live models that we provide for you. 

      CPD accreditation

      At the end of your lip filler course with Derma Institute, you will be awarded with CPD points.

      After-training support 

      In addition to the above, we continue to provide after training support to all our delegates which they find very beneficial. 

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