Dental Hygienists

Accredited Botox Training for Dental Hygienists

The role of dental hygienists is evolving. We have already witnessed a notable shift from hygienists assisting purely with necessary dental treatments to getting involved with cosmetic procedures such as whitening, and in recent years this has expanded further to include facial aesthetics, too. With prior knowledge and understanding of facial medicine, and having already been exposed to cosmetic dentistry, we believe that dental hygienists have the necessary foundation  skills to excel in facial injectables.

Facilitating Professional Diversification

With the General Dental Council encouraging hygienists to ‘work within your knowledge and professional competence’, aesthetic medicine looks set to be one of the most popular ways to diversify from traditional dentistry and gain new skills for the dental world of tomorrow. Injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, which focus on areas of the face that hygienists are knowledgeable about and professionally trained in, seem like a natural next step on the career ladder. With the necessary training, dental hygienists can earn the Level 7 qualifications needed to safely extend their services.

Professional Training with Derma Institute for Dental Hygienists

At Derma Institute, we offer Botox and dermal filler courses specifically designed to allow for skilled, talented, and ambitious dental hygienists to build upon their existing knowledge base. We hope to enable hygienists to gain a more thorough understanding of aesthetic medicine in order to compliment the skills that have been gained on the job and develop the most efficient and effective techniques to deliver facial injectables with top results. All courses are led by skilled doctors and trainers in the field of aesthetic medicine, many of whom began their careers in associated sectors, later choosing to diversify into aesthetics as the industry began to grow significantly.

Our highly flexible training options have been created to work around your own professional schedule, giving you the freedom to continue working at your dental practice while simultaneously training in facial injectables to generate new opportunities.

Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics

Why Train in Aesthetic Medicine?

Our courses are tailored for dental hygienists in order to provide skilled individuals with more options in how they develop their professional career. Whether you wish to simply expand your knowledge while continuing within your existing role, apply for a promotion in the workplace or seek new positions in other dental practices, or transition to a completely new working environment such as spas or cosmetic salons, aesthetic medicine training with Derma Institute opens up doors to a bright professional future.

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