Become certified in Botox and injectables - for Physiotherapists

At Derma Institute, we believe that there is a wide variety of medical professional groups outside of doctors and nurses that possess the unique skills, experience and passion needed to succeed in medical aesthetics. Physiotherapists, who work closely with patients on a day-to-day basis, are one such group. With prior training in diagnostics, medical assessment, and treatment, physiotherapists are some of the best placed healthcare professionals to diversify into this emerging area of medicine.

A Natural Next Step for Physiotherapists

No matter what concern a patient has, a physiotherapist’s primary role is always to focus on improving the overall wellbeing for each individual; a focus that also forms the foundation of medical aesthetics. Physiotherapy is ultimately about making patients feel better about their bodies, and through the offering of additional aesthetic treatments, physiotherapists are able to provide a much more well-rounded service to their patients, helping them to become more comfortable and happier in themselves.

Physiotherapists already possess the basic skills needed to thrive in the world of aesthetic medicine, particularly in the facial injectables sector due to previous injection therapy training, dry-needling experience, and comprehensive knowledge of anatomy.

Why Train In Aesthetic Medicine?

Training in aesthetic medicine and gaining certification to practice enables skilled physiotherapists to expand their services, broaden their medical knowledge, and take greater control of their career future. As a rapidly emerging area of medicine, aesthetics is also one of the most lucrative of diversification options available to physiotherapists, allowing them to supplement their income through alternative treatments. This is especially true for physiotherapists moving into facial injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, as these non-surgical procedures are widely in demand.

Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics

Botox Training with Derma Institute

At Derma Institute, we offer a comprehensive facial injectables course in Botox and dermal fillers which provides independent, supplementary, and non-prescribing physiotherapists with Level 7 certification in injectables. All courses offered at Derma Institute are led by renowned experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, providing physiotherapists with both the practical and theoretical knowledge to succeed.

All courses include hands on, practical experience under the supervision of one of our skilled and experienced trainers, allowing for plenty of opportunity to practice procedures on real models to ensure techniques are perfected during the course. Our overall aim is to support physiotherapists to safely and confidently carry out a range of in-demand procedures, improving safety, building a reputation, and satisfying patients.

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    Your Next Steps To Certification in Botox and Injectables

    With Level 7 certification in injectables, physiotherapists have many career options open to them. While some may choose to remain within a physiotherapist role exclusively having expanded their medical knowledge to improve their approach, others opt to create more flexible working hours for themselves by reducing their hours and supplementing income through private practice. Others may opt to move into aesthetics full time by working in a clinic or salon, or even open up their own practice.

    Whatever your plans for the future, you’ll be supported every step of the way when you take a facial injectables course in Botox and dermal fillers at Derma Institute. Get in touch with us to find out more.

    We also train Paramedics.