Further Your Career with Accredited Cosmetic Injectables Training for Physiotherapists

At a time when we are witnessing notable calls for greater safeguarding of patient mental health, and with the NHS committed to conducting tougher psychological wellbeing checks for patients voluntarily choosing to undergo medical procedures, physiotherapists are already being drawn into the world of aesthetic medicine. Typically, this will take the form of performing pre-procedure assessments of cosmetic surgery patients.

As a growing number of physiotherapists are beginning to work within this particular area of medicine, facial injectables forms a natural next step on the career ladder for many trained therapists are accredited training offers the perfect route to further broaden your horizons.

Why Train in Aesthetic Medicine as a Physiotherapists?

The field of aesthetic medicine is growing at a rapid rate, and with injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers becoming known for being safe and ‘easy’ ways to tweak the natural appearance, these procedures are now in high demand from consumers around the country.

We believe that aesthetic medicine training for physiotherapists is the natural next step.

Professionally trained to notice the signs of body dysmorphic disorder, Level 7 qualified physiotherapists hold the potential to revolutionise the industry and deliver safe, expert results for all patients. Our expert training courses, delivered by experienced practitioners will qualify you to administer cosmetic injectables with training in botox which you can then use to develop your career further and expand your client base.

Derma Institute Training Courses in Botox and Injectables

Here at Derma Institute, we have tailored our facial injectables courses in Botox and dermal fillers to take into account the prior psychological understanding of experienced physiotherapists, using this knowledge as a base to explore non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

With the psychological aspect proving to be one of the most important factors for consideration when undertaking voluntary medical procedures, we believe that our expert training courses make it easier for physiotherapists to understand the close connection between their initial therapy training and the growing demand for aesthetics.

It is our aim to provide a way for physiotherapists to connect these two areas of skill in order to deliver top cosmetics results to their cosmetic patients.

Should You Train in Aesthetics?

The demand for ethical performance and consideration in aesthetic medicine has never been greater, and for those with a background in medical ethics, training in the emerging field of aesthetics is a natural career progression. Our high level, specialised training sessions allow you to combine your experience in mental health with the ever increasing demand for ethical cosmetic treatment.

Harley Street has been leading the way in the appointment of specialist cosmetic surgery physiotherapists, and with many other spas and salons following suit, employment opportunities for Level 7 qualified physiotherapists are increasingly quickly, providing you with more choice over your professional career.