Aesthetic procedure training for operating department practitioners ODPS

At Derma Institute, we believe that operating department practitioners, or ODPs, hold extensive medical knowledge that is currently largely under-utilised within standard hospital settings. Accustomed to working within clinical environments, assessing and treating patients with a wide variety of needs, many ODPs have the skill, competence, and understanding that forms the foundation of aesthetic medicine. With the necessary training, this skill could be extended to allow ODPs to delve deeper into patient care.

Aesthetic procedure training for operating department practitioners ODPS

A notable shortage of nurses in perioperative medicine has resulted in the evolution in the role of the ODP, with many transitioning into a much more hands on position. With our specialised training courses, we feel that we can successfully take this one step further, giving ODPs greater opportunity to treat and support their patients while also allowing them to extend their services to offer a full and well-rounded experience.

At a time when demand for aesthetic treatments is growing at an almost unprecedented rate, many potential patients are actively seeking professional, qualified medical professionals to undertake procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. This includes not only doctors and nurses, but a wide variety of licensed professionals with experience in delivering expert patient-focused care. Typically skilled in anaesthetic, procedure, and recovery, we believe that ODPs tick all the boxes.

Derma Institute’s Professional, Specialist Aesthetic Medicine Courses for ODPs

Traditionally, non surgical aesthetics has been a challenging area for ODPs to break into. However, at Derma Institute we have meticulously planned, designed, and implemented highly tailored Botox and dermal filler courses aimed at ODPs. Our courses cover basic principles, as well as delving deeper into aesthetic medicine to allow ODPs to build upon their existing knowledge base and generate new career opportunities.

Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics

Why Train in Aesthetic Medicine as an operating department practitioner?

While there is often a great deal of satisfaction in ODP work, especially for those who appreciate the challenge of working with different people with differing needs, many ODPs do undertake long shifts and work in very high pressure environments, which can sometimes result in feelings of being overwhelmed. Aesthetic medicine training isn’t designed to force experienced ODPs out of the clinical environment, but instead to provide greater opportunity and more control over how, when, and where they work.

Following training, ODPs could choose to supplement their income through offering facial injectables alongside their existing role, or they may opt to change the direction of their career and move into a cosmetic or spa settings. Botox and dermal filler courses open up doors, and create alternative career paths for skilled ODPs who want them.

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