Specialist Botox Training for Nurses

We believe that the unique knowledge, understanding, and practical expertise of nurses is currently significantly under-utilised within the medical setting. At Derma Institute, our aim is to enable skilled, talented nurses to enhance their craft, learn new procedures such as botox and dermal fillers and develop their ability in order to take advantage of the many business opportunities available to competent medical professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. Our botox training courses for nurses are delivered by a highly experienced team, with full support provided throughout.

Why Invest In Aesthetic Medicine Qualifications as a Nurse?

With a nursing qualification comes a wide range of highly transferable skills that form the basis of aesthetic medicine. With prior understanding of human physiology, nurses are excellently placed to develop their knowledge and become Level 7 accredited, giving them what they need to practice non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. With aesthetic medicine fast becoming one of the most promising emerging fields in alternative medicine, there has never been a better time to consider further training.

Our Dermal Filler and Botox Training Courses for Nurses

Our aesthetic medicine courses have been created to allow licensed nurses to delve deeper into their existing skill base and extend upon this knowledge to deliver high quality, professional results within the field of aesthetic medicine. Focusing on non-surgical procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers, our combined courses accelerate learning while simultaneously offering practical, hands-on education and insight into cosmetic work.

Derma Institute courses for nurses aren’t designed to take skilled experts away from the medical environment; instead, we’ve created our courses to provide experienced, licensed nurses with more choice and greater control over their professional future, providing them with the knowledge, the skills, and the qualifications they need to work within a cosmetic clinic, operate independently, or remain in the hospital environment.

We offer a range of foundation, advanced, and combined courses to meet all needs and requirements, as well as masterclasses and accelerated fast track training.

Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics

Botox training for non-prescribing nurses

At Derma Institute, we specialise in training courses for non-prescribing nurses, which means that there is no need to be a qualified nurse prescriber in order to begin your career in aesthetic medicine. Non-prescribing professionals who successfully complete the required training are permitted to administer Botox and dermal fillers without a prescriber present for the procedure. As non-prescribing professionals, nurses are not only able to but are also actively encouraged to train in facial aesthetic injectable treatments, giving them a head start in working within this exciting, promising industry.

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    Benefits of Derma Institute Training

    There is a notable gap between what many nurses look for in a professional career, and what is available to them. We aim to narrow this gap by offering nurses new opportunities to work within environments that meet their needs and nurture their path to progression. Aesthetic medicine enables nurses to spend more time with their patients, build relationships, and increase their income through diversified treatments.

    For nurses looking to further develop their skills, a qualification in aesthetic medicine forms an attractive and rewarding alternative to other pathways to career progress, such as nurse practitioner training.