Specialist, Accredited Aesthetic Medicine Training for Pharmacists

Demand for quick, safe, and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures is growing around the world, and patients are actively seeking simple, accessible treatments offered by highly experienced professionals trained in medicine and healthcare. At Derma Institute, we believe that talented pharmacists hold the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to successfully transition into aesthetic medicine. Our Botox training courses and dermal filler training allow you to add a recognised qualification to your skill set and perform non-surgical aesthetic procedures to the highest standards, with total confidence.

Pharmacists - The Rise of Aesthetic Pharmacy

In the UK especially, 2015 changes to the HEE non-surgical cosmetics procedures guidelines, which now features the inclusion of pharmacists, has resulted in an increasing number of trained pharmacists seeking out alternative pathways to career satisfaction and success. Aesthetic medicine training for pharmacists enables both prescribing and non-prescribing professionals to pair their existing workplace duties with their passion for aesthetics, or to take a step back from pharmaceuticals if desired.

Patients feel that they are in safe hands with trained pharmacists, which helps to make aesthetic medicine a natural and straightforward career step for pharmacy staff. By bringing their existing skills into the field of aesthetic medicine, pharmacists could play a significant role in the ongoing positive transformation of the aesthetic medicine industry.

Our Aesthetic Medicine Training Courses

There are many different types of aesthetic medicine training courses that pharmacists can undertake, with the wide range of options often feeling overwhelming. That’s why we’ve designed our expert-lead training courses to focus on facial aesthetic injectable treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, which rank amongst some of the most in-demand cosmetic treatments requested by patients. Our overall aim is to provide talented pharmacists with skills that will give them the greatest opportunity to practice.

At Derma Institute, we offer a range of facial aesthetic injectable treatment courses to suit pharmacists operating at all levels. Our dermal filler courses are ideally suited to non-prescribing professionals, while our Botox and combined Botox and dermal filler training sessions can be undertaken by any registered pharmacist holding a prescribing qualification. All courses offer practical, hands-on, supervised training opportunities, and are undertaken by global leaders in aesthetic medicine and professional training.

Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics

Career Progression Possibilities with Aesthetic Medicine Training

Pharmacists who expand their knowledge and practical skills through a Derma Institute training course are provided with enhanced opportunities for career progression. Pharmacists could offer facial aesthetic injectable treatments at their existing place of work, venture into new environments such as hospital, cosmetic clinic or spa settings, or even work as an independent practitioner.

Through expansion of career pathways, trained pharmacists can create new professional challenges for themselves, take advantage of personal development opportunities, set new career goals, and boost financial reward.

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