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Cosmetic industry development in Nottingham
Over the years, botox and dermal filler aesthetic treatments have come to claim the number 1 position in facial aesthetic procedures all over the world.

The American Society of plastic surgeons reported over 6.3 million botox aesthetic treatments in one year! And this already high demand is projected to increase exponentially within just a few years.
Over time, botox has come to be seen as no longer an option available for the A-list celebrities, the very rich, advanced in age, or just the women.

Thanks to a lot of factors, there has been a paradigm shift and a greater acceptance of cosmetic injectable treatments globally across various social classes, different age groups, and genders.
This notable shift is seen not only on the side of consumers. The wide success of the botox and dermal filler industry has equally seen many health professionals transitioning into aesthetic medicine.
A career in medical aesthetics can pave the way for a whole new range of opportunities for the willing health professional including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses, providing them with a reasonable level of flexibility as well as financial rewards.

As a crucial first step, by receiving accredited botox and dermal filler training such as Derma Institute offers in Nottingham, you are already fit to cover a wide range of the commonly requested botox and filler treatments.
And if you already have some experience injecting and would like to enhance your skill set, then you would find Derma Institute’s advanced Aesthetic courses very beneficial.

Why you should have your dermal filler and botox courses in Nottingham
Nottingham is one of UK’s youngest cities, located in the heart of the East Midlands, with its rich history spanning various areas including the arts, sports, science and technology among others.

The city together with Derby, has the 7th largest population in the UK and expectedly, is one of UK’s top tourist destinations and according to the Creative Quarter reports, tourism alone generates about £535 million in the city annually.

Nottingham is also listed as a top destination for medical and health tourism purposes and together with its already large population, represents a major lucrative opportunity for health professionals who wish to establish a career in aesthetic medicine.

At Derma Institute, UK’s leading aesthetic training provider, we have tailored our botox and filler training courses in Nottingham to meet with and even exceed the industry’s stipulated guidelines, and our delegates are assured not only of the best quality training but also, after-training support to tap into the business opportunities that abound in Nottingham.
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