Our combined aesthetic medicine training packages are designed to enable skilled, experienced doctors to extend their existing medical training to operate within the rapidly growing sector of aesthetic medicine; an industry that now contributes more than £2 billion to the UK economy each and every year. Our aim is to transform capable, qualified doctors into practice-ready, holistically-certified aesthetic medicine professionals with specialist botox training courses for doctors.

Facial Aesthetic Injectable Treatment Training for Doctors

Demand for non-surgical injectable treatments is growing across the world, with both men and women turning to alternative, aesthetic options to minimise some of the common signs of aging. At a time when ‘facial filler cowboys’ pose a real and significant risk to patients, there has been a notable shift towards patients seeking highly qualified, experienced, regulated doctors to perform these types of procedures. Our training courses for doctors to perform botox and other non-surgical aesthetic procedures instil superb capability and total accountability. Workshops are delivered nationwide, with hands on training, by qualified aesthetic practitioners.

With demand for aesthetic talent showing signs of considerably outweighing supply, we believe that there is an urgent need for improved access to suitable, valuable, and regulated training courses for doctors to enable these skilled professionals to benefit from alternative career opportunities and transform the aesthetic medicine sector.

Our Aesthetic Procedure Training Courses for Doctors in the UK

Derma Institute offers intensive, comprehensive training courses across the UK focusing on facial aesthetic injectable treatments, including botox and dermal fillers. These are some of the most commonly requested aesthetic procedures by patients. Our small group courses cover all aspects of the theoretical and practical knowledge of aesthetic injectable treatments, resulting in Level 7 diploma for doctors. Our training courses are designed to expand the knowledge and skill of all doctors, right through from FY1 and FY2 foundation grade doctors to registrars and consultants.

We are proud to offer experienced doctors a unique opportunity to undertake practical, hands-on training throughout the programme, providing insight into the realities of cosmetic clinics and facilitating the transition from exclusively medical environments to an aesthetic setting. Training is undertaken by a top team of botox and dermal filler professionals overseen by global leaders in aesthetic medicine and training.

Take The Next Step In Your Career In Aesthetics

Benefits of Derma Institute Cosmetic Procedure Training for Doctors

The combined botox and dermal fillers training course aims to accelerate learning and provide a fast-track into aesthetic medicine for those with an existing and licensed medical knowledge base. Our courses for doctors are specially created to boost earning potential, create opportunities for greater independence, facilitate the building, development, and nurturing of skills, and allow for improved career stability.

At a time when contractual changes are impacting the working hours, the pay, and the overall level of job satisfaction for talented doctors, we believe that improving access to further training opportunities and opening up new pathways for practice is the key to ensuring the continuation of career progression within the medical field, and creating new, profitable roles within challenging and highly rewarding environments. With aesthetic medicine training, doctors can choose to transfer to a new field, or work in aesthetics alongside a position within the NHS or private practice.

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