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Why London?

Statistics show that over 90% of requested facial aesthetic treatments in London and the UK generally are Botox and dermal fillers. Derma Institute has professionally mentored over a hundred health professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and dental nurses in botox and dermal filler courses in London and other locations as well.

Offering greater work flexibility, much higher earning potential, a closer more meaningful patient relationship, as well as an opportunity for continuous professional learning and advancement, a certified training in botox and filler courses in London is increasingly sought after by health professionals.

Here at Derma Institute London, our courses are suitably designed and delivered according to the high industry standards.

Why should you train in London as a health professional?
With the UK having one of the best Healthcare systems in the world, medical tourism is a rapidly expanding industry especially in London.

It is estimated that more than a million Americans travel abroad to receive medical treatment yearly and London is listed as a major destination for them. Not only Americans, Middle Easterners like Saudi Arabians and Qatarians also engage in medical tourism travels to London, and with the high demand for aesthetic treatments, these no doubt contribute significantly to the health revenue.

Recognising the vast potentials of aesthetic practice in London, health professionals are flooding the city to get training in aesthetic courses.

London health care
The fact that London is known for its high standard of health care, coupled with a significantly high density of medical and paramedical practices, clinics, hospitals, and health professionals actively employed in practice also contributes to this.

Harley Street, London for example, has built a lasting reputation for having one of the highest concentrations of practising health professionals, medical clinics and hospitals, bringing in medical tourist patients from all over the UK and the world at large.

Having your botox training and dermal filler training in London already gives you a starting advantage as a result of this. At Derma Institute, you will not only be taught about treatments but also given business advice on how to leverage on the vast potentials that botox and filler training in London provides.

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