It’d seem that there is Botox everywhere we look. The wonder drug has literally swept the beauty world by storm.

It’s replacing a lot of conventional surgical procedures, allowing people to enjoy similar benefits at more affordable rates, and at much more convenience and considerably less risk.

The eyebrow lift botox is no different. Conventionally, eyebrow lifts refer to surgical cosmetic procedures that involve making incisions a little above the brow, in order to raise and make taut, the area of skin over the eyes.

These procedures usually leave behind thin but quite visible scars, not to mention that they’re expensive, require some recovery time, and are more or less permanent which in the case of undesirable results, may not be such a good thing.

Thanks to Botox, you can now achieve your dream look without needing to worry about all that.

So What is Eyebrow Lift Botox?

Eyebrow lift botox is a safe, quick, relatively easy, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the use of botox to relax the muscles between the eyebrows, which smoothens out the furrow (frown) lines and at the same time, lift the brows by allowing the upper muscles of the forehead to have a greater pulling effect on them.

n addition to this, some people also opt for having a lateral brow lift that gives their eyes a feline look.

How the Eyebrow lift botox works?

The position of the eyebrow on the forehead is maintained by an interplay of muscles pulling them in different directions and at varying degrees.
For the inner aspect of eyebrows, the corrugator supercilii are the muscles found between the brows and responsible for the vertical lines that often appear when we frown. These have a downward pulling effect on the brows.

The lateral aspect of the eyebrows are pulled down by the effect of the orbicularis oculi muscle that sorround the eyes and also give rise to the notorious crow’s feet.
Much of their effects are counteracted by the frontalis muscle that spans a greater portion of the forehead and acts to pull the eyebrow arch up.
Careful injection of botox into certain areas of the brow, relaxes the muscles and allows the frontalis have a greater pull, achieving a higher eyebrow arch.

In addition to this, the forehead wrinkle lines are erased and a more youthful and radiant look is achieved.

Eyebrow Botox lift - Botox course advantage

As part of our comprehensive curriculum, our award winning 2 day combined course covers over 22 Botox and dermal filler procedures including the popular and requested Eye brow lifting technique using Botox and dermal fillers.

Who can have eyebrow lift botox?

Fortunately, anyone can have this procedure done. If you think you have have saggy eyelids, or low eyebrows, or you have deep furrow lines between the brows, you can certainly give it a try.

Because the results of botox aren’t permanent (some people wish they were though!), the effects will wear off with time (usually within 4-5 months), and you can decide not to have repeat injections if you wish.

Also, like most other botox treatments, the procedure doesn’t last long, in this case, about a minute or so and you’re all set.

Eyebrow lift Botox- Who can benefit

Where should you go for eyebrow lift botox?

Improperly placed botox injections can result in undesirable effects like the droopy eyelids, or the perpetually surprised look from an over-arched brow, not to mention other side effects associated with injection treatments.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that your eyebrow lift botox is done by a certified and licensed health professional who is an expert at what they do, having completed a Botox training course at a reputable training academy such as Derma Institute.

Done right, an eyebrow lift botox treatment will have you looking and feeling on top of the world, and likely returning for more!

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